You know how you can’t be discriminated at work based on the color of your skin or if you are a woman? Well, you can still be discriminated at work  and even fired for being gay. The Missouri Human Rights Act is a law that protects against workplace discrimination, but it doesn’t include protections for those based on sexual orientation or gender identity (PROMO, n.d.).

Is This The Norm?

In 28 states, lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) individuals fired-for-being-gay-1can be discriminated against and fired from their job (Fairness Project, n.d.).

More than half of our citizens in the United states currently have no protection against workplace discrimination.

Over half of our citizens can also be denied housing and public accommodations such as service at a restaurant for being LGBT.

In all states, same-sex marriage has become legal. Which makes all of the previous info that much more confusing.

How Can This Still Be Happening?

Here is a great video that gives a brief history of how.

With the passage of Marriage Equality, it seems like this still cannot be happening. You can legally be married, but also legally be fired from a job for identifying LGBT. Missouri is a conservative state, but don’t we want our citizens to be able to provide for themselves? Also, if someone is called derogatory slurs at work, coworkers may be sympathetic to the victim, but nothing can be done about it without inclusive nondiscrimination protections.

Here is an article that tells of the first court case involving an individual being fired.


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